Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Devoxx mystery and performance anxiety

The Java blog space is full of stories from Devoxx. Actually I had never heard of this conference although I already hang around in the Java camp for a couple of years.
So I went looking into the schedule and found indeed a lot of high quality topics and speakers. How on earth is it possible that I've missed such a top notch conference all these years ?
The mystery was solved when I learned that the conference was called Javapolis before and I had completely missed the naming dispute with Sun (it seems I'm living under a rock).
Back when it was still called Javapolis I watched one of Joshua Bloch's excellent talks (video on the net was young in these days ;-)
Tom White reports that Joshua Bloch provided his favourite talk at Devoxx this year about "Performance anxiety". To accept performance as empirical science and giving up hope on performance predictability is tough for all us computer scientists. I think I should buy access to the video archive of Devoxx.